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An Archive of Interviews by Stu Taylor

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Equities Radio

Aaron Shapiro
Aaron Shapiro Interview
The CEO of HUGE and author of Users Not Customers talks to host Stu Taylor about consumer behavior and economic evolution of the digital age. Play Clip
Brian Reich
Brian Reich Interview
The Senior VP and Global Editor at Edelman, and author of Shift and Reset, speaks on the importance of maximizing impact through new communication technologies like social media. Play Clip
Eric Ries
Eric Ries Interview
The established tech entrepreneur and pioneer of the Lean Startup movement talks about the realities of successfully starting a business. Play Clip
Harold Winter
Harold Winter Interview
The professor of economics at Ohio University talks about his most recent book, The Economics of Excess, and how social policy and economics affects addiction and indulgence. Play Clip
Harry Dent
Harry Dent Interview
The famed author, market prognosticator and founder of HS Dent gets bearish as he talks about his newest book, The Great Crash Ahead. Play Clip
Harvey McKay
Harvey McKay Interview
The multiple-New York Times Bestselling author on swimming with sharks in the business world and what it takes to succeed today. Play Clip
Jack Welch
Jack Welch Interview
One of the greatest CEOs in history sits down with host Stu Taylor for an extended conversation. Play Clip
Jeffrey Sachs
Jeffrey Sachs Interview
The economist and founder of The Earth Institute shares his opinions on what needs to be done to start solving some of the world’s largest problems. Play Clip
Jim Collins
Jim Collins Interview
The author of Good to Great, Built to Last, and most recently, Great By Choice, discusses what he thinks separates great companies and leaders from the others. Play Clip
Kevin Maney
Kevin Maney Interview
The tech writer and co-author of The Two-Second Advantage talks about how some of the brightest minds in business can predict the future just enough. Play Clip
Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig Interview
The Harvard Law professor and director of the Edmond Safra Foundation talks about the toll of corruption and greed on the nation’s government. Play Clip
Pat Huddleston
Pat Huddleston Interview
The CEO of Investor’s Watchdog and former SEC enforcer gets down to business about fraud protection and his new book The Vigilant Investor. Play Clip
Stephen Shaprio
Stephen Shaprio Interview
The business innovator and consultant talks about why well-intentioned and “best practice” thinking can actually be counterproductive. Play Clip

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