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Fred Sears, Chief Investment Officer, Investors Capital Corporation

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Investors Capital Corporation likes radio and Stu Taylor is one of the best! We especially like the fact that our segments are heard on Business Talk Radio, Business 1060 and Radio America simultaneously. In this way, we are able to reach a significant national audience on three important networks concurrently. Therefore, our time is well spent with Stu and his important audience. Besides that, actually appearing on Stu’s show is a great deal of fun.
Intelligent, chatty, quick and informed, Stu is a marvelous host. He is able to hold the audience’s attention throughout his show because of his perspective and his ability to simplify complex financial issues.
As someone who has appeared on national television more than 100 times on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNNFN, TechTv and Reuters Television, I can assure everyone that Stu is a provocative and entertaining host. We feel that Stu’s show is helpful in assisting us to establish a national presence for our firm and our products. Clearly, the time we spent with Stu is worthwhile.
As our country continues to have a significant interest in the economy, the stock market and other financial matters, we expect that Stu’s show will continue to enjoy good distribution and an ever-increasing audience.
We recommend that everyone take some time out of his or her day and listen to Stu’s show. They will not be disappointed in what they learn about important financial matters that concern each one of us.

Best wishes,

–Fred Sears, Chief Investment Officer, Investors Capital Corporation

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