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Philip Kotler Testimonial

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Dear Stu,

I thoroughly enjoyed discussing my new book Confronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System with you.  Your questions were excellent.  We both want to improve the performance of capitalism because there is no better system.  We disagree on whether a recession is best improved by austerity or by government stimulus money.  We disagree on whether all markets should be entirely free or some especially regulated.  The important thing is to lay out our respective positions and analysis and respect each other’s positions.  I read Krauthammer and it would be helpful for him to read me, and he should punch holes where he sees it matters.  It would be wonderful if he changes his mind a little and I do the same as enlightenment seeps in.

Best regards,

Philip Kotler
S.C.Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Evanston, Il. 60208

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