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Promote your Book on National Radio with Stu Taylor in 90 Cities (click here)

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My name is Stu Taylor. I provide a unique service for authors. For a fee, I will serve as a host and interview  a writer about his or her book book.  The interview is not conducted in infomercial form, and therefore maintains listener interest and credibility. Clients often request return interviews. For more details, either e-mail me at or call at 781-860-9548. Stu Shows air on (all shows are Eastern Time):   RadioAmerica Network Sundays 10 pm Biz Talk RadioNetworks Saturdays 8-10 pm Biz Talk RadioNetworks Weekdays 8:00-9:00 pm Money Matters Radio Network  Boston & New England Weekdays at 9 am to 10 am UR Business Network About the Radio Shows Since 2000 Stu Taylor has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows focused on interviewing published authors looking to tell their stories to millions of listeners.  The shows are broadcast in ninety cities on three major networks, plus an additional network, UR Business Network, the social media giant, which reaches another huge listening audience.  All the shows are streamed on the Internet. Although three of the networks are listed as business networks, the content aired on the networks and on Stu’s shows is diverse, including:

  • Business
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Issues of the day

And both non-fiction and fiction books In essence all topics are covered. The shows reach a large business to consumer and business-to-business audience, with an age range from 25-64.  The interviews are conversational and conducted by telephone with Skype used for all overseas authors.  Stu engages authors with a pre-interview introduction and explanation of how the shows are conducted beforehand. Many of the interview  questions are basic. Such as

  • What the book is about?
  • What differentiates their book from similar books in the market ?
  • What message the author wants to reach the audience with?

Stu also

  • Names the publisher
  • Where the listening audience can buy the book
  • Whether the book is available in hardcover or paperback
  • Any website the author would like to provide

The interviews are conducted “live” on one network, and prerecorded on the other two networks.  Authors who wish to appear on air can purchase one, two, or three interviews. They can also purchase more than one segment.  Segments are approximately ten minutes in length. Only two separate interviews are required to appear on all five radio shows.  All interviews are rebroadcast on UR Business Network at no additional cost and are archived. Authors will received audio files of their interviews, again at no additional cost.  For more details, go to Stu’s website at At the top of the homepage, click on “Radio Shows’, and scroll down to view the networks & their affiliates.

About Stu

Stu Taylor is the host of five nationally syndicated radio shows airing in 90 cities, designed to take public relations, media relations, and investor relations campaigns to a new level. Stu provides services enabling authors to gain national exposure on a wide variety of topics.  His shows are airing in their 15th year. Stu is an experienced speaker, and in demand for media appearances. He is a contributor to Fox News, Fox Business Channel, and MSNBC.  Featured on his shows are personalities such as Alan Dershowitz, Steve Forbes, George Will, Jack Welch, and Charles Krauthhammer.  Stu is the author of the highly acclaimed “How To Turn Trends Into Fortunes”.

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